Action Impro

Action Impro, which was produced by Improvisation & Co., was one of the funnest shows I have ever been a part of. It was a dream of mine to combine the intensity of an action movie with the spontaneity of an improv show and see what happened. The cast trained hard on stage fighting moves with the guidance of the best of the best in Sweden, Stockholm’s stuntgruppen. It was exhilarating because stage fighting is usually so rehearsed and so precise, but we wanted to do it improvised, so we needed to find and comfort level to where we could fight well and be safe at the same time. The show was a success and we also brought it to the Chicago Improv festival in 2011.

It was amazing to work with the wonderful talents of Robert Weitz, Anders Petterqvist, Jenny Björk, My Gudmansdotter, Maria Olofson, Joakim Ahl, and Olov Häggmark.

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