Improvised TED Talk

I was selected as an artist to perform at TEDx Stockholm. I was super excited about this because I am a huge TED fan, and was happy to hear that they also have artists performing as well as inspiring talks. I asked my colleagues Katarina Wahlberg and Veronica Bergstrom Carlsten and musician Ira Mogilevsky to join me on stage. I knew right away that I wanted to do an improvised TED talk. TED talks are so rehearsed and packed full of so much good content that performing one improvised sounded exhilarating. Also, performing it as a three way collaboration and letting the audience pick the topics increased the difficulty level. It was so much fun, and such an honor to perform at TED. It is always a challenge to make improv theater come alive on film because some of the magic of the performance, the audiences involvement and overall communal experience is lost. However, I think this video does a pretty good job capturing a lot of it.

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