Troubadour Tales Tickets on sale!

One of my new shows I created is premiering this Fall at Södra Teatern in Stockholm. I am fired up because this show is so much fun to act in and we have an amazing cast. Only 2 shows this fall so don’t miss it!

Troubadour TalesA charismatic Troubadour takes the audience for a journey in this soulful, gritty and hilarious improvised tale about dreams. With beautiful music and captivating storytelling this tale will not only entertain but move you as well.

Location: Mosebacke Etablissemant, Mosebacke Torg 1
Showtimes: All shows start at 19.30
October 28
November 11
If you would like to book a table and eat before the show a discount is available!

Director: Josh Lenn
Cast: Ola Aurell, Josh Lenn & Katarina Wahlberg


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