I am trying to find a new agent. I have a recurring role in a TV show coming up this fall, and I want to find someone awesome who can help me take my work to the next level.


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Star Wars Battlefront II Trailer

Sometimes I get to work on some really cool stuff that makes the little boy in me jump for joy. This was one of those times. I can now say I have worked on Star Wars and Indiana Jones video games and those are two of my favorite franchises of all time. Always a pleasure to work with DICE and Imagination Studios.

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New Video Game Trailer: RAID World War 2

I am very excited about this new video game trailer I was in. This is some top quality animation and working on the motion capture part of this was so much fun. Great actors and a great Director from Bläck Studios Fredrik Lofberg and of course shot at my favourite place Imagination Studios.


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Los Santos Pride

Here is a recent VO project for Stockholm Pride. They put a pride festival in Grand Theft Auto. Very douchey character.

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This is a pilot for a feature that I was in. This film looks really nice and deserves funding. Check it out. I come in at 8.30.

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Mass Effect Andromeda Trailer: Latest mocap work

Check out my latest mocap work for Mass Effect. When I worked on this, I had no idea what a massive game this is. The animation is spectacular. Imagination Studios is always one of my favorite places to work.

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James Bond spoof commercial

I guess this fulfilled some boyhood dream I didn’t even realize, but it was fun as shit to play Bond. I did this commercial for a construction company that I work for a lot. 100% Proffs. They do fun stuff!

The video was taken down. I will put it back up soon!

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