Star Wars Battlefront II Trailer

Sometimes I get to work on some really cool stuff that makes the little boy in me jump for joy. This was one of those times. I can now say I have worked on Star Wars and Indiana Jones video games and those are two of my favorite franchises of all time. Always a pleasure to work with DICE and Imagination Studios.

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New Video Game Trailer: RAID World War 2

I am very excited about this new video game trailer I was in. This is some top quality animation and working on the motion capture part of this was so much fun. Great actors and a great Director from Bläck Studios Fredrik Lofberg and of course shot at my favourite place Imagination Studios.


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Los Santos Pride

Here is a recent VO project for Stockholm Pride. They put a pride festival in Grand Theft Auto. Very douchey character.

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This is a pilot for a feature that I was in. This film looks really nice and deserves funding. Check it out. I come in at 8.30.

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Mass Effect Andromeda Trailer: Latest mocap work

Check out my latest mocap work for Mass Effect. When I worked on this, I had no idea what a massive game this is. The animation is spectacular. Imagination Studios is always one of my favorite places to work.

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James Bond spoof commercial

I guess this fulfilled some boyhood dream I didn’t even realize, but it was fun as shit to play Bond. I did this commercial for a construction company that I work for a lot. 100% Proffs. They do fun stuff!

The video was taken down. I will put it back up soon!

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ATG Vinnie “The Diva” minnie horse

I recently shot a commercial with Vinnie the mini horse. Wow, what a diva! I have never worked with such a diva before. We were filming a talk show scene, where I play a typical American Talk show host and interview Vinnie. He wouldn’t even look at me. We filmed for two hours straight, take after take, and he totally ignored me. I even fed him carrots and he still avoided eye contact with me. On top of that his hair was styled in a diva-ish way. Then after each take he would walk off set. Sometimes before the take was over! Then his trainer would get him to sit down again by banging a stick in the ground and backing him up, slow as hell, centimeter by centimeter. When he finally decided to sit we would shoot right away, and then he walked off. It was hilarious. Anyways, here is the commercial.

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