Volvo Commercial

I guess I have finally arrived in Sweden after three years. I have now done a Volvo commercial. This one was really fun. Got to do a lot of driving on fake snow. Had a blast working with Flodellfilm. Henrik Hedin was a great director.

Battlefield 3

Here is a video from BF3. I play a tank loader Ingham. You can actually see it is me about 30 seconds in. They 3D scanned my head and put it in the game and we shot with performance capture. I also did voice for the whole level. This was an awesome project to work on. DICE is a fantastic company to work with and the game rocks!


I am very excited that Syndicate just hit the racks. I worked on this game for about a year and a half. I play the main male role Merit, who is a corporate super agent in the year 2069. I love the premise of this game. It is very Blade Runner meets Minority Report. I was also almost every male role in this game. I did all the motion capture and Facial capture for the VO talents of Brian Cox and Michael Wincott.

My new work blog

I have just started this blog predominantly for acting purpose. I plan on posting some of the work I have done here. If you have any feedback on how I might make this thing better please let me know. Thanks!

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