James Bond spoof commercial

I guess this fulfilled some boyhood dream I didn’t even realize, but it was fun as shit to play Bond. I did this commercial for a construction company that I work for a lot. 100% Proffs. They do fun stuff!

The video was taken down. I will put it back up soon!

ATG Vinnie “The Diva” minnie horse

I recently shot a commercial with Vinnie the mini horse. Wow, what a diva! I have never worked with such a diva before. We were filming a talk show scene, where I play a typical American Talk show host and interview Vinnie. He wouldn’t even look at me. We filmed for two hours straight, take after take, and he totally ignored me. I even fed him carrots and he still avoided eye contact with me. On top of that his hair was styled in a diva-ish way. Then after each take he would walk off set. Sometimes before the take was over! Then his trainer would get him to sit down again by banging a stick in the ground and backing him up, slow as hell, centimeter by centimeter. When he finally decided to sit we would shoot right away, and then he walked off. It was hilarious. Anyways, here is the commercial.

Host of The Tech Show

Just finished shooting a new pilot this weekend with immortal pictures. It is basically top gear for tech. I have hosted plenty of different things but never a talk show like this. The audience basically was on the set surrounding us which was a bit bizarre. It was a fun experience and got to even work with Mike Starr who was the celebrity guest. Fun stuff. Let’s see if it has legs. 


PayDay 2 Bodhi Lines

Somebody had some time on their hands and put together a bunch of my lines from PayDay 2. This character was so fun to voice since I am such a big Swayze fan. Yes this was all an homage to Swayze from my perspective.

Voice of Bodhi in Pay Day 2

I am super fired up to be the voice of Bodhi in Pay Day 2! I am a huge Swayze fan and Point Break fan so it was very fun to bring my version of Bodhi to life. Pretty awesome to be two characters in the game, Old Hoxton who is a pretty hard ass character, and Bodhi who is a little more spiritual/crazy living on the edge type of bad ass.

Troubadour Tales Tickets on sale!

One of my new shows I created is premiering this Fall at Södra Teatern in Stockholm. I am fired up because this show is so much fun to act in and we have an amazing cast. Only 2 shows this fall so don’t miss it!

Troubadour TalesA charismatic Troubadour takes the audience for a journey in this soulful, gritty and hilarious improvised tale about dreams. With beautiful music and captivating storytelling this tale will not only entertain but move you as well.

Location: Mosebacke Etablissemant, Mosebacke Torg 1
Showtimes: All shows start at 19.30
October 28
November 11
If you would like to book a table and eat before the show a discount is available!

Director: Josh Lenn
Cast: Ola Aurell, Josh Lenn & Katarina Wahlberg

Tickets: http://sodrateatern.com/troubadour-tales/