Star Wars Battlefront II Trailer

Sometimes I get to work on some really cool stuff that makes the little boy in me jump for joy. This was one of those times. I can now say I have worked on Star Wars and Indiana Jones video games and those are two of my favorite franchises of all time. Always a pleasure to work with DICE and Imagination Studios.


New Video Game Trailer: RAID World War 2

I am very excited about this new video game trailer I was in. This is some top quality animation and working on the motion capture part of this was so much fun. Great actors and a great Director from Bläck Studios Fredrik Lofberg and of course shot at my favourite place Imagination Studios.


Host of The Tech Show

Just finished shooting a new pilot this weekend with immortal pictures. It is basically top gear for tech. I have hosted plenty of different things but never a talk show like this. The audience basically was on the set surrounding us which was a bit bizarre. It was a fun experience and got to even work with Mike Starr who was the celebrity guest. Fun stuff. Let’s see if it has legs. 


PayDay 2 Bodhi Lines

Somebody had some time on their hands and put together a bunch of my lines from PayDay 2. This character was so fun to voice since I am such a big Swayze fan. Yes this was all an homage to Swayze from my perspective.

Voice of Bodhi in Pay Day 2

I am super fired up to be the voice of Bodhi in Pay Day 2! I am a huge Swayze fan and Point Break fan so it was very fun to bring my version of Bodhi to life. Pretty awesome to be two characters in the game, Old Hoxton who is a pretty hard ass character, and Bodhi who is a little more spiritual/crazy living on the edge type of bad ass.

Old Hoxton BBQ! New PayDay 2 Trailer

Here is the new trailer I shot for PayDay 2! Shooting a real flame thrower was definitely the highlight. Old Hoxton is a bad ass character to play. I just want more. If you do too, then write Starbreeze / Overkill and let them know. Or leave comments here and I will pas them on!