What’s happening. If you got to my site you might be a PayDay2 fan or maybe you saw me somewhere else. You can also find me in the Swedish TV series Filip och Mona, Modus season 2 where I have a recurring role in four episodes, Hamilton or Kalifat. If you want to see me in action doing what I am most passionate about, and you are in Stockholm, I am usually on stage performing improv theatre bi-weekly at International Theater Stockholm. Please have a look at some of my work:

Josh Lenn Showreel:


Ignorance is a short film from 2010 directed by Ida Windingstad. Ida is a fantastic director and the film has been selected to 9 festivals around the world. Ignorance is a political satire dealing with major global issues from a doctor’s office. In this clip I play Dr. Turner the American specialist working at a Hospital in Sweden.

Swedish Feature: Huldra

PayDay2 Webseries: Hoxton Breakout 

This is a pilot for the feature. I come in at 8.30. I am playing a villain. 




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