Ignorance is a short film from 2010 directed by Ida Windingstad. Ida is a fantastic director and the film has been selected to 9 festivals around the world. Ignorance is a political satire dealing with major global issues from a doctor’s office. In this clip I play Dr. Turner the American specialist working at a Hospital in Sweden.

PayDay2 Webseries

This is a pilot for the feature. I come in at 8.30. I am the guy behind the guy, behind the guy.

Huldra trailer: A Swedish Mythological Thriller (Clip coming soon)

Here is a list of festivals Ignorance has appeared in.

Göteborg International Film Festival. 2010, Sweden.

KinoKino Kort Film Festival. 2010, Norway.

In competition: South Korea International Short Film Festival. 2010, South Korea.

In competition: Brussels Short Film Festival. 2011, Brussels.

In competition: K3 international Kurtzfilmfestival Villach & Udine. 2011, Austria & Italy.

In competition: Human Rights Film Festival. 2011, Barcelona.

In competition: Interfilm, 27th International Short Film Festival Berlin. 2011, Germany.

In competition: VI International Film Festival. 2012, Venezuela.

In competition: 13th Cellu l’art Festival Jena. 2012, Germany.

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