Summer and Fall 2014 improv classes launched!

IT’S, International Theater Stockholm, has launched classes! We have awesome summer intensives, and many fall classes to choose from. Sign up now and qualify for our special offer good until June 5th, 2014.

Come and join our growing and vibrant international community in Stockholm!

Winter/Spring 2013 improv classes released!

Are you looking for an acting class in Stockholm? Are you looking to build confidence and charisma? Are you looking to have more fun and laugh more? Do you want to be more accepting of the present moment? Than you should take my improv class!

The great news is I will be teaching two different levels of improv next term, beginners and continuation. The continuation course is only open to people who have the equivalent of one full beginner’s course under their belt. The continuation class ends in a course show, and will explore short and long form improv techniques.

You can sign up here:

Questions? Contact me