New Video Game Trailer: RAID World War 2

I am very excited about this new video game trailer I was in. This is some top quality animation and working on the motion capture part of this was so much fun. Great actors and a great Director from Bläck Studios Fredrik Lofberg and of course shot at my favourite place Imagination Studios.


Wolfenstein: The New Order

Machine Games has announced Wolfenstein and it looks like it is going to be amazing. I acted in the vertical slice as well as some other things in this game. Really proud to have  worked on this game, and of course it was an honor to work with Machine Games. They are a very talented bunch, and some of my favorite people in the industry.

Mad Max video game

I acted in the vertical slice of the new Mad Max game that has just been announced. It looks like it has potential.

Battlefield 3

Here is a video from BF3. I play a tank loader Ingham. You can actually see it is me about 30 seconds in. They 3D scanned my head and put it in the game and we shot with performance capture. I also did voice for the whole level. This was an awesome project to work on. DICE is a fantastic company to work with and the game rocks!